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‘Keepsake Box’

I wonder how many of you have
a secret stash of treasure . . .

Keepsake Box

Image by rjg329 via Flickr

Over the years, I have stored my treasures in many different types of containers, but I’ve always called it my ‘Keepsake Box’.  They have ranged, depending on the stage of my life, from a large,  plastic bread bin in my teens, to slightly more sophisticated boxes as I grew older, that may, or may not, once have housed expensive gifts.  My latest, sitting here in front of me, is a cerise pink square box that previously held a perfume set.  The lid will no longer close, so maybe it’s time to start looking for another replacement – or maybe, for a change, I could just have two!

Stored within my Keepsake Boxes are memories, precious to me; of people, places and things that are, or were, important in my life.

Not expensive jewels – just MY Secret Treasures!

›  A dried rose from a bouquet received on my 21st birthday
›  A blood donor card from my first donation in 1984
›  Letters from friends living in London in 1987
›  My children’s hospital wrist bands with their time and date of birth
›  Mass Cards from loved ones who have passed on
›  Concert tickets from my favourites; David Bowie, Echo & The Bunnymen,
    The Teardrop Explodes,  The Smiths . . . 
›  Ticket stubs from the Eiffel Tour, the Anne Frank Museum, the Reichstag,
    the Empire State Building in 2001 . . .

Take a peek inside your ‘Keepsake Box’ and share its treasure trove – I’m waiting, with baited breath . . .

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