‘Keepsake Box’

I wonder how many of you have
a secret stash of treasure . . .

Keepsake Box

Image by rjg329 via Flickr

Over the years, I have stored my treasures in many different types of containers, but I’ve always called it my ‘Keepsake Box’.  They have ranged, depending on the stage of my life, from a large,  plastic bread bin in my teens, to slightly more sophisticated boxes as I grew older, that may, or may not, once have housed expensive gifts.  My latest, sitting here in front of me, is a cerise pink square box that previously held a perfume set.  The lid will no longer close, so maybe it’s time to start looking for another replacement – or maybe, for a change, I could just have two!

Stored within my Keepsake Boxes are memories, precious to me; of people, places and things that are, or were, important in my life.

Not expensive jewels – just MY Secret Treasures!

›  A dried rose from a bouquet received on my 21st birthday
›  A blood donor card from my first donation in 1984
›  Letters from friends living in London in 1987
›  My children’s hospital wrist bands with their time and date of birth
›  Mass Cards from loved ones who have passed on
›  Concert tickets from my favourites; David Bowie, Echo & The Bunnymen,
    The Teardrop Explodes,  The Smiths . . . 
›  Ticket stubs from the Eiffel Tour, the Anne Frank Museum, the Reichstag,
    the Empire State Building in 2001 . . .

Take a peek inside your ‘Keepsake Box’ and share its treasure trove – I’m waiting, with baited breath . . .

About Susan Condon

Irish Writer and Poet. Award winning, published short story writer.

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  1. I have 3 massive plastic boxes in the attic and one small one – keepsake boxes for our children and my stepdaughter (who doesn’t live with us). There are some things I can never get rid of – their hospital wrist bands, their first outfits… and it seems a ridiculous amount of other stuff… I have things of my own all over the house similar to your list though. I try and keep it organised but I’m inspired to have a dedicated box like you do now.


    • Or better still, what about the Blanket Box like Michelle – I’m definitely planning on ditching the blankets for that idea – I could use one side for my ever-expanding writing stuff and one side for keepsakes! I’m so glad to know I’m not alone on storing memories . . .


  2. I can definitely relate — so difficult to think of throwing anything out! Now, both kids in college, but I still have many many mementos from their childhoods. And I even have letters from my husband before we were married. And things from high school… so many memories. What a lovely post!


    • Thanks Julia for your lovely comments and sharing your memento’s. My dried red rose is from the bouquet I received on my 21st birthday from my husband – all those years ago – and still brings a smile. Although some of the old photo’s bring more of a grimace – but I still wouldn’t part with them . . .


  3. Jayney mack you guys are so prettily organised. Two divorces and goodness knows how many moves later, means I’ve dumped a lot of stuff along the way.
    That said, I’ve managed to collect twice as many books as I’ve ever lost and I hide letters and drawings from my children in between the covers.



  4. michelleflatley

    Hi Susan, I have a very large blanket box filled with children’s drawings, cards, love letters from my husband and family heirlooms like candlesticks that belonged to my grandmother. It’s a real treasure trove! It’s surprising how many of these things can inspire a story. Lovely post!


    • A woman after my own heart, Michelle – I never thought of the blanket box! And you’re right about the inspiration for a story – God only knows where my gran’s brass candlesticks are, but I remember cleaning them with Brasso, as a child, until they gleamed. They emerged in a ghost story I wrote a few years ago . . .


  5. OMG – you would have no breath left if I started. I have what I affectionatley call the memory drawer (rather large) – everything in it from love letters, to comfort blankets, for the children, not for me. Whenever they all get their hands on it, after I leave this earth, they will be kept busy for a very long time!


    • Sounds good Louise – I was beginning to think I was one of the few people who did this! My hubbie is the absolute opposite, his motto, ‘if in doubt, throw it out . . .’ But so nice to take a trip down memory lane. Until yesterday, I hadn’t looked through my Keepsake Box in over a year, but really enjoyed the memories it conjured up when I did . . .


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