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777: 7 Sentences From Page 77

I was delighted to be one of the seven tagged by Rob Kitchin to take part in the 777 Challenge!

Now all I had to do was choose seven sentences from either page seven or page seventy-seven from my work-in-progress and post it here before passing the challenge on to seven more writers I admire.

My 7 from 77 starts here:

‘You could say that,’ said Lisa, with a bitter laugh, ‘but not really by choice, I just had to know – I needed to find out what could make him do what he did.’ She looked up into John’s eyes as Charlie placed a fresh coffee in front of her. She took a few sips, holding the Styrofoam cup between unsteady hands.

 The room was silent as a morgue.

 ‘The reason that I joined the force was . . .’

‘Jesus Christ, are the two of us the only ones doing any work around here while you lot sit around having afternoon coffee,’ said Stephen, ‘good job we brought these so,’ he sniggered, dumping a box of donuts beside the coffee pot and helping himself.

I’ve chosen seven writers who I hope will take up the challenge (no pressure).  Check them out here:

Arlene Hunt
Brian Kirk
Derek Flynn
Joe McCoubrey
Katy O’Dowd
Laurence O’Bryan
Martin J Frankson

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