Flash Fiction: Reunion

In a flash, life changes …

I’m delighted to have my flash fiction, Reunion, published in the July edition of Live Encounters.

Profile Susan condon LE Poetry & Writing July 2018

Around her, commuters beam in the after-glow of a sunny weekend, while the train swishes along the rails bringing her closer.

Soon, after all this time, they’ll be reunited.

The train groans to a stop. Her stomach lurches: only two more stations.

“Breathe,” she mutters.


She shakes her head at the woman beside her.

In through the nose, out through the mouth, her internal voice commands. Obeying, she feels a slow calm creep through her body. She watches the canal ripple gently. Two swans grace the water while a blackbird soars overhead. Only days before she too was flying through the air, from Boston to Dublin, on a one way ticket. Today would determine her return.

Click here to continue reading my story or click Live Encounters where you can either read or download the full publication for free.

About Susan Condon

Irish Writer and Poet. Award winning, published short story writer.

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  1. Susan, as you’ve probably figured out, I will not make Dublin this year! I wake each morning saddened that I’m in Key West and not Dublin! Promise to be there next June-July, if not sooner. Do you have my email? If so, send me yours so we can communicate more often. Happy you’re writing! Almost done with the new book (Irish section too). Would love to send you a copy when it’s published. Maybe early fall. My best to everyone!


    • Look forward to catching up again next year, Michael – but you would have loved Summer in Dublin this year – so hot that you wouldn’t need the fire and sweater! Will send email and we’ll done on your writing – great news.


  2. Margot Kinberg

    Oh, this is powerful, Susan! I really like the imagery. And your characters are well-drawn, too. I can just feel the heartache…


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