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Review of Michael J. Whelan’s PEACEKEEPER collection (Doire Press) by Kevin Higgins in the Galway Advertiser

A review of poet, Michael Whelan’s, Peacekeeper that will have anyone with a copy re-reading each poem and those of you without a copy scrambling for one. A man with such empathy that it jumps from the pages, grabs your attention and doesn’t release its grip until you’ve absorbed his powerful words.

Michael J. Whelan - Writer

Massive thank you to Kevin Higgins for this fantastic review and to Kernan Andrews and team at the Galway Advertiser, where it was published on Thursday, Jun 23, 2016

‘IT IS fashionable for reviewers, of the perpetually disappointed variety, to lodge Basil Fawlty style complaints against a poet’s first published collection.

The poet in question, we are typically told, has the occasional nice turn of phrase, but does not have anything to write about because s/he has little of experience of life, a subject on which the disappointed reviewer is unfortunately something of an expert.

There are over indulged newbie poets who, as of yet, amount to not much more than a stunning haircut and professionally taken publicity photo. Generally, though, such complaints tend to be grapes of the vinegary variety. It will be interesting to see what reaction Michael J Whelan’s debut book of poems, Peacekeeper, published by

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