TwitterXmasSingle Part II

‘WINTER  SONG’,  In All Its Glory, Has  Emerged!

Graphic produced by Fiona Hanley (@greenclouds4)

Arriving to The Westin Hotel, at 2pm on Sunday, 4 December, was slightly different to last week.  Then, no-one knew quite what to expect and who, if anyone, would be there.  This time, the Reception desks were unmanned and as you pulled open the door of the Banking Hall you could FEEL the excitement!  The hard work was done – this was the celebration.

Thanks to The Westin Hotel, who once again, housed the 140+ twitter characters.  We donned our Santa hat’s again and live-twittered over a cuppa with friends we’d only made the previous week.  Suddenly a hush settled over the room.  Everyone took to their seats, waiting with baited breath, to hear ‘Winter Song’ – for the very first time – as it was officially launched on Twitter.

As we listened to the haunting music, the professional solo’s and the heartfelt choir, you could hear a pin drop . . .

Until it was over – then, thunderous applause and cheers filled the room.  Mixed among the smiles and cheers were plenty of sniffles and moist eyes as the crowd stood as one to hail our mighty leaders; Brenda Drumm and Ian Callanan for all they had helped us to achieve!

An achievement that is still snowballing; the charity and goodwill of the people on this island and beyond knows no bounds, as donations are starting to roll into the Neo-Natal Unit at The National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street.  Who better to benefit, especially at Christmas, than our future generations . . .

If you were there, I’m sure you have already bought your copy of ‘Winter Song’ for .99c and if not, you can become part of #TwitterXmasSingle now, by spreading the word and purchasing your copy.

With YOUR help, we aim to reach #1 in the Irish Charts!

Available all over the interweb iTunes, eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, Nokia, VerveLife, NB: AmazonOnDemand



Keep tuned to #TwitterXmasSingle on Twitter , for more on our wonderfully Irish, wonderfully charitable version of  ’Winter Song’.

Flying Hats at TwitterXmasSingle © Shane Murphy

Your Christmas shopping list is sorted – you can pick up copies of ‘Winter Song’ for family and friends, while at the same time supporting a worthy cause – surely, you’d agree, the best Christmas present of all . . .

About Susan Condon

Irish Writer and Poet. Award winning, published short story writer.

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  1. Really sorry I missed it as it sounds like a terrific success, so congrats to all involved!


  2. Well done Susan. Another great blog.


  3. I was at the recording but not at the launch yesterday, I followed the tweets on my phone. Your post ‘just’ came into my email Susan, and suddenly I was there with you all again. It was a great thing that happened at The Westin for The National Maternity Hospital. Thanks for describing yesterday for those of us who could not make it back- Best wishes Maura Donohoe


    • Great to be part of it all Maura and glad my post, in some small way, helped to re-create the celebration of the previous Sunday when we ‘sang our hearts out . . .’ See you on the tour! 😮


  4. Thanks Derek, as always, for getting the word out there on #TwitterXmasSingle . . . 😮


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