TwitterXmasSingle I

WHAT an absolutely WONDERFUL DAY!

It was so great to be part of such a vibrant, uplifting group of Twitter people at The Westin Hotel in Dublin, on Sunday, 27 November – all with one goal – to record ‘Winter Song’ for charity.

TwitterXmasSingle Poster © Shane Murphy

Arriving to register at 1.00pm, we slapped a label with our Twitter name onto our festive red or green attire, plonked a Santa hat on our heads and entered a truly, magnificent room in The Westin Hotel.

A welcome cuppa was on hand, and although most people only knew each other through Twitter, everyone was keen to introduce themselves to squeals of joy as they were ‘physically’ recognised.

With over 140 characters singing their hearts out, in aid of the neo-natal unit at The National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, it could only have been fun!

Twitter Cake © Emily Coco

We practiced hard and were rewarded with a break, and another welcome cuppa, along with a slice of one of the fabulous Twitter cakes on display.

For those of us with a sweet tooth, we arrived back to our vocals in even better form than before.

Hard to believe that a random Tweet from Brenda Drumm on Saturday, 19th November, to record a Christmas charity single, came to fruition on Sunday, 27th November!

Keep tuned to #twitterxmassingle, where on Sunday, 4th December at 2.00pm you will be able to HEAR our wonderfully Irish, wonderfully charitable version of  ‘Winter Song’.

Flying Hats at TwitterXmasSingle © Shane Murphy

Your Christmas shopping list is sorted – you can pick up copies of ‘Winter Song’ for family and friends, while at the same time supporting a worthy cause – surely, you’d agree, the best Christmas present of all.

Follow #TwitterXmasSingle on Twitter to see ‘Winter Song’
unfold in all its glory . . .

About Susan Condon

Irish Writer and Poet. Award winning, published short story writer.

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  1. welcome to blogsville Susan!


  2. Teresa McSweeney

    It was a brilliant day! Complete strangers getting together to sing, some professional, rest of us not, but all for such a good cause! This is what Ireland is about, the good hearts of the people prepared to give up their Sunday to do some good, forget about the doom and gloom that we are being bombarded with and support the feel good factor that this has brought about. Well done Brenda Drumm, you have given us all something good to smile about.


    • I agree Teresa – this is the ‘real’ Ireland re-emerging – part of what the Irish have always been known for; their spirit and compassion. And Sunday was only the start of #twitterxmassingle – it can only get even better . . .


  3. Wasn’t it just something really special Susan…
    Good luck with the new blog….and thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Will be overhauling mine in the coming days and will add you to mine then too..


  4. It was an amazing uplifting day!! Great Blog!


  5. Sounds like a brillant day – Love the new blog. Will put you up on my blog roll right now!


  6. Thanks for the link Derek – great idea putting all the Blogs together – will link back to same. 😮


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